Yogiraj Premji Maharaj

Your Real essence is Cheerful, Fun loving, Dauntless, Accommodating, Expandable and Kind.

Yogiraj Premji Maharaj is an incredibly famous Yoga educator mentor who has read up and rehearsed Yoga for over 40 years and prepared in excess of 4,500 yoga instructors all over the planet.
A yogi, giver, creator and householder, he has committed his all consuming purpose towards engaging people and neighborhood networks towards self-mending and reasonable, adjusted residing.
His irresistible chuckle and basic yet significant insight is a continuous wellspring of motivation for the overwhelming majority committed specialists and educators-who frequently portray the experience as a sensation of getting back home.

Yogiraj Premji Maharaj experienced childhood in the numerous years drenched in the Himalayan Yogic practice.
He thinks that prosperity is everybody's inheritance, and established Yogeshwar Yoga Foundation to help the sharing of bona fide, yogic prosperity rehearses got from the Vedic and Adi Nath Shiva customs.
His one of a kind sequencing of unique devices and strategies has seen the commitment of a few creative and strong styles of yoga practice. These incorporate Traditional Kundalini, Five Koshas, Raja Yoga (Utilizing Bhramari), Internal Reinventing, Yogeshwar Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and obviously, the primary style of Yogeshwar Yoga, serving all degrees of involvement.

The global Yogeshwar Yoga family nurtured by Premji Maharaj and the Yogeshwar team, is a yogic community committed to self-healing and self-development for living a balanced, fulfilling life aligned with soul purpose.
Premji Maharaj life experience includes living in both eastern and western cultures, and experiencing relationships and parenting in culturally diverse settings. He has developed the ability to balance a Yogic lifestyle with householder responsibilities and thereby truly relate to his students — as well as create practices that are authentic, simple, and sustainable.

Premji keeps on imparting the lessons of Yoga to gigantic genuineness from one side of the planet to the other. His all encompassing way to deal with the act of Yoga implants antiquated shrewdness into his classes, whether they're all presented in India or abroad. Get familiar with where you can meet him face to face.