About Yogeshwar Yoga


Yogeshwar Yoga Foundation was established by Himalayan Expert Yog Guru Yogiraj Premyogi Ji Maharaj to help individuals to understand their interesting, individual potential.

We utilize insightfully saved yoga and prosperity procedures to sustain self-mending and backing adjusted self-improvement.

Since his experience growing up in India, Yog Guru Yogiraj Premyogi Ji Maharaj has been focused on picking up, saving, restoring, and sharing the lessons of genuine, comprehensive Yoga.

Yogiraj Prem Ji Maharaj has been teaching Yoga and Meditation since 42 years of his life. Yogi Ji conducts yog shivirs mainly on Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Energy Transformation, Strengthning of Emotions.

Yog Guru Yogiraj Premyogi Ji Maharaj established Yogeshwar Yoga Foundation to make a worldwide local area of Yoga experts and educators who can depend on the straightforward devices they learn, and apply them to regular day to day existence — bringing about completeness: profound, physical, mental, and otherworldly prosperity.

Our main goal is to assist with peopling experience unity and prosperity by sharing mindfully protected Yoga shrewdness and procedures.

We do it by sharing bona fide, demonstrated strategies and a comprehensive tool stash of Yogic practices: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, contemplation and Yogic way of thinking close by pertinent life shrewdness from the Vedas and Tantras, Ayurveda, and Jyotish.

Yogeshwar implies entire and resolute and Yogeshwar Yoga Organization upholds individuals in their journey to accomplish completeness. Our ability is to utilize respected instruments to sustain self-recuperating and support adjusted self-improvement and assist individuals with understanding their exceptional, individual potential.

Yogeshwar Yoga Organization upholds you on your deep rooted excursion of discipline by offering Yogic apparatuses, methods, and commonsense arrangements that can be customized to your singular way.

We give you numerous choices to browse to accomplish a straightforward, reasonable, and satisfying Yogic way of life

Present day life is an equilibrium between numerous obligations and real factors, frequently laden with pressure and vulnerability.

We know from numerous long periods of involvement and instructing that approaching establishing direction, self-mending insight, and recharging strategies can prompt a better and more joyful life. Feeling grounded permits you to succeed at anything you desire to do.