Yogeshwar Yoga Teacher Training

The Yogeshwar Yoga Establishment is universally prestigious for running one of the most amazing Yoga educator preparing programs in India and all around the world.

For the people who are searching for legitimate, comprehensive, and extraordinary Yoga instructor preparing, look no further. Our Yoga educator preparing in Rishikesh is globally perceived, and embraces the whole of Yoga astuteness and procedures. Yogeshwar Yoga Foundation is an Enrolled Yoga School with Yoga Union.

The Yogeshwar Yoga approach brings forward ancient wisdom for a modern age.

The Yogeshwar Yoga approach to Teacher Training

Yogeshwar Yoga Institute’s Yoga teacher training in India and online enabled, is a transformative opportunity as well as a professional qualification. Study in the birthplace of Yoga with Himalayan Master Yogiraj Premji Maharaj and our exceptional teaching team and step with confidence into Yoga teaching and the rest of your life.
Ancient techniques and yogic anatomy are thoughtfully woven with modern day research and insights from the fields of anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy, and psychology.

Yogeshwar Yoga Teacher Training promises professional facilitators, an expansive curriculum, and comprehensive course materials in visual, audio, and written mediums.

The global Yogeshwar Yoga family nurtured by Premji Maharaj and the Yogeshwar team, is a yogic community committed to self-healing and self-development for living a balanced, fulfilling life aligned with soul purpose.
Premji Maharaj life experience includes living in both eastern and western cultures, and experiencing relationships and parenting in culturally diverse settings. He has developed the ability to balance a Yogic lifestyle with householder responsibilities and thereby truly relate to his students — as well as create practices that are authentic, simple, and sustainable.

Contact for any enquiry on +91-9818159886 , +91-7678152394 or write us at info@yogeshwaryoga.in